We are adaptive and well positioned to deliver program and project management practices that meets client’s need, with solutions that are backed by industry-leading  projects management suites.

Project Management

We apply our project management competencies through Front-End-Engineering-Design into project execution. Our teams are qualified project management specialists, with combine engineering know-how, technical knowledge of management disciplines, and accumulated experience of energy, power, aerospace, communication, and technology to do their work.

Cross function
  • Together with partner industry-leading technology, we help the public sector do more with less
  • Business intelligence services and solutions
  • E-Government Accelerator
  • Information management for high performance public services organizations
  • Infrastructure solutions from industry-leading partners, Avanade and TE
  • Security solutions & Identity management services
  • Service oriented architecture services
  • Services for state, agencies and national governments

Product Management

We offer industry best practices to help clients reform their planning and product management processes – and do provoke questions and facilitate conversations rather than create documents. We rely on facts to make key decisions, and involve those expected to implement the strategy in the development process. We advise and help clients decide where to focus and how to allocate resources.

Project Evaluation

Our team helps evaluates impact of services render to ensure resources are well spent and have the desired outcome. Using a variety of methods and tools Csiteq assists enterprise and agencies gather and analyze data. Our team are skilled in every aspect of evaluation research:

  • we understand program’s objectives
  • secure need information by asking predetermined questions
  • Apply methods that does yield high response rate with no bias
  • Analyze collected data, then
  • Prepare reports

We help determine which variables can serve as good indicators of progress. Collecting process evaluation data during the implementation of a program enables us to determine if there are issues that must be corrected on real-time basis.

Program Management

Our team approach is helping clients evaluate, design and implement formal systems to ensure the effective use of human talent to implement business strategy. The skills of creativity, innovation, and insight, which organizations need to thrive in these times, all depend on managing human capital wisely. With these capabilities, clients understand what human capital programs they need and how to manage human capital to achieve improved organizational performance.

Acquisition Support

Transitioning technology and equipments from legacy environment to modern environment requires expert acquisition support to navigate national and international rules of acquisition management, and to mitigate the transition risks. We have the experience in enterprise and agency acquisition process of technology, defense, aviation, marine and energy infrastructures, as well as, brings the technical, programmatic experience and capabilities of getting the job done.

Our services include technology assessments, risk management, financial management support, schedule management, program support, test support and analysis, deployment/installation preparation and support.


Our systems delivery strength are based on strong engineering and technical practices, and our capability maturity model integration (CMMI) level 3-rated comprehensive systems delivery approach.

Our Partners