With over 35 engineers and pipeline specialists, we approach all aspects of pipeline maintenance, construction, operations and installations from large scale projects to in-depth consultancy work.

Our onshore, pipeline and power management specialists, are active in the upstream, transportation and distribution sectors does offer a full range of onshore services from initial conceptual studies through to decommissioning and abandonment.


Our team brings deep industry knowledge in electric and gas utility platforms with world class capabilities, innovation and cutting-edge technology to our clients to help them raise their performance. Our clients get reliable, cost effective, quality services based on proven methodologies, efficient tools and stable architectures.

Our knowledge with integrated suite of methodologies, people and assets help clients creates and adopt solutions to improve performance in the dynamic utility market.

Generation and Energy Market
  • High-Performance utility model for generation
  • Plant operations
  • Environmental health and safety
  • Enabling Services
Transmission and Distribution
  • Smart grid solutions
  • Transmission and Distribution asset management
  • Work, field and resource management

Aerospace & Defense

We offer design, development and support of multi-level secure command and control systems, constructive modeling and satellite communications. Through tailored operations and technology services, we achieve high performance at speed by working with leading airliners, senior agencies leaders to develop performance-improvement strategies, modernize information systems, manage and reduce costs while optimizing key infrastructure processes and governance with innovative solutions that brings efficiency and effectiveness to the process and technologies that support our defense staffs and aviation industry.


Our team provides secure, stable, flexible and expandable communication network for offshore oil & gas and scientific  research projects. As well as, installation and maintenance of undersea marine networks solutions, backed by industry-leading partners’ newest fleet of cable ships with most advanced installation tools.



We offer


We work with the world’s leading energy companies to achieve value and high performance. Our clients get reliable, cost-effective, quality services based on proven methodologies, efficient tools and stable architectures.

Cross- Energy
  • Plant and automation solutions
  • Risk management services
  • High performance business process program for energy industry
Exploration and Production
  • Achieving high performance with integrated oilfield solutions
  • Cost-reduction initiatives for high performance in oilfield services
  • Services to the upstream energy industry
  • Services to the oil and gas industry
  • Pipeline
  • Power
  • Oracle -based advance solutions for high performance in the energy market.

Our systems delivery strength are based on strong engineering and technical practices, and our capability maturity model integration (CMMI) level 3-rated comprehensive systems delivery approach.

Our Partners