An engineering, procurement, technology and operations group that designs, build, implement, and manages complex projects for enterprise, agencies and governments. We take our customers biggest, most complex challenges – from efficient aerospace, innovative technology, communications, design and integration, mission critical programs, turn-key upstream and downstream engineering to mater and safer businesses, as we make the world a better place, one solution at a time.


Started 2005, advising and managing clients on various technology strategy, engineering and operational challenges. We’ve grown, and well positioned on assisting our clients realize the fundamentals needed to survive and thrive. We remain focused on enterprise, agencies and national governments around the globe as core participants of our business operation strategy.


The Founder’s leadership and professional experience mirrors the organization’s vision, combining strategy with technology, and engineering to deliver enduring results to clients. His personal practice has centered on Energy, Technology, Finance, M&A. He’s been leading major assignments for technology companies, financial, construction, energy and agencies around the globe with CSITEQ Group.

Our Vision

Be one of the world’s leading firm that agencies and organizations rely on when confronting critical issues on engineering, technology, and operations that shapes their performance and future.

We therefore, develop and support the process, facilitate and manage the implementation of our solutions. Our practices are designed, optimized and managed by team of diverse professionals who are best-of-breed in engineering, procurement, technology, and operations practices.

Our Mission

To be recognize for the best people, services and performance by :

  • Attracting, retaining and investing in high performance people
  • Collaborate to bring successful resolution to the most complex and critical client issues
  • Strategically enhance our global ability to serve clients and communities
  • Delivering results that earn the loyalty of our clients
  • Providing superior rewards that benefit our team and shareholders.

Our Values

We value the diversity represented by our clients, vendors, and consultants with personalized attention and service that exudes:

  • Integrity – for which we conduct ourselves with highest degree of social and ethical responsibility.
  • Quality – for which we provide our clients with the most knowledgeable, timely services available.
  • Relationships – for which we respect and adequately balance our relationships with our clients, partners and relatives.
  • Tenacity – for which we don’t blink in the face of the most intractable, complex issues.
  • Our competitive position will be as a niche specialist that can easily adapt to rapid changes in the market place.

Our systems delivery strength are based on strong engineering and technical practices, and our capability maturity model integration (CMMI) level 3-rated comprehensive systems delivery approach.

Our Partners