About Csiteq

Csiteq Group, an engineering, technology and operations group that designs, build, implement, and manages most complex projects for enterprise and institutional agencies. We take our customers biggest challenges – from efficient aerospace, innovative technology, communications, media, mission critical programs, turn-key upstream and downstream engineering to smarter and safer businesses, as we make the world a better place, one solution at a time.


We are positioned to address the interrelated threats that can affect an organizations enterprise value. We offer highly specialized expertise in the areas of engineering – construction, design, implementation and decommissioning; procurement – supply chain management; technology – communications, cybersecurity, media and entertainment, Ai, seismic; and management – risk and assurance, resilience, R&D, and business analysis.


Our systems delivery strength are based on strong engineering and technical practices, and our capability maturity model integration (CMMI) level 3-rated comprehensive systems delivery approach.


Our experience and passion to visually convey our objectives, and tell brand and citizens stories to the global community prompted our interest in the media sector; Together with our production and design team, we’ve been able to create a fast growing media company to deliver on best of class, visual and audio productions that harnesses the resilience and vision of the founder.

Our Partners