We are positioned to address the interrelated threats that can affect an organizations enterprise value. We offer highly specialized expertise in the areas of engineering – construction, design, implementation and decommissioning; procurement – supply chain management; technology – communications, cybersecurity, media and entertainment, Ai, seismic; and management – risk and assurance, resilience, R&D, and business analysis. We deliver our core services in areas such as:


We leverage our functional technology expertise, proven methodologies, combine with prominent third party technology solutions to solve complex problems for our clients.


With over 35 engineers and pipeline specialists, we approach all aspects of pipeline maintenance, construction, operations & installations from large scale projects to in-depth consultancy work.


We maintain a strong track record in the management of power, pipelines, aerospace, ICT , Oil & Gas projects established over ten years in business.


The roles and expectations of governments are evolving as they seek to address complex challenges that cut across bureaucracies and border- challenges with implication for the future.

Who we are

Csiteq is an engineering, technology, media and management group. Our vast network and collaborative culture enabled us to overcome most complex challenges to enterprise and institutional values. We take on customers biggest, most complex challenges – everything from efficient aerospace and defense programs, innovative technology, development and management of storage terminals, pipelines and hydro-processing infrastructures, digitized media and entertainment, to a smarter, safer businesses that helps make the world a better place one solution at a time.

Currently, agencies and organizations rely on our expertise and objectivity, and on the combined capabilities and dedication of our exceptional team to find solutions and seize opportunities. It’s how we make every connection counts in the products, services and architectures citizens use everyday.